Privacy Advice

Privacy Advice

Hotel Conquistadores, to give reliability to its guests, informs them that the personal data that they provide for their stay will be protected in order to regulate their legitimate, controlled and informed treatment in order to guarantee their privacy and the right to self-determination. informative. You can trust that "Hotel Conquistadores" will make good use of your personal information, taking the necessary precautions to keep the particular information private and secure.

I.- IDENTITY AND ADDRESS.- "Hotel Conquistadores" indicates for the purposes of this privacy notice the address located at: Heroic Military College No. 47 Guadalupe Center, Zacacatecas, Mexico;


1.- Provide you with our hotel and/or food and beverage services, and provide you with any other of our services;

2.- Enroll you in the loyalty program that we have in force and keep you informed about its promotions and policy changes;

3.- Process any request, change or cancellation in relation to the services requested by you;

4.- Send you quotes, promotions and offers of our services through automated mailing systems;

5.- You collect information from debit cards or credit cards that you have provided us for the reservation and/or payment of the services we offer;

6.- Prepare statistics and records for internal consultation;

7.- Have control of the people who access our facilities;

8.- Identify the people who come to our facilities to pick up a good or document.

III.- OPPOSITIONS AND MEANS OFFERED TO HOLDERS TO LIMIT THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF THEIR PERSONAL DATA. The handling of the personal data of the holder that has been provided to "Hotel Conquistadores", will be carried out in the terms that the law indicates. The owner of the personal data will guarantee that the same under no circumstances will be false and will inform "Hotel Conquistadores" of any modification that may exist in order to keep their information updated. The personal data (name of the guest, date of arrival and date of departure, number of adults and minors, address, country and state, telephone, email, mode of transport, reason for the trip, address, signature, RFC, CURP, data confidential credit card or bank information and tax billing data). It is the set ordered to identify you, in addition your personal data will be kept once the purpose for which they were collected has been fulfilled with the sole purpose of determining possible responsibilities in relation to their treatment.

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, "Hotel Conquistadores" will be responsible for the personal data that is provided by people, treating their data in a confidential manner so that their loss, misuse or alteration is prevented, maintaining security, administrative, technical and physical measures that allow them to be protected against damage or unauthorized use, access or treatment.

IV.- THE MEANS TO EXERCISE THE RIGHTS OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION OR OPPOSITION.- The owners of personal data may request "Hotel Conquistadores" the cancellation or opposition of their data by means of a written request or made to the email contacto@, with acknowledgment of receipt, regarding the personal data that concerns you, and must contain the requirements indicated in article 29 of the Federal Law on the protection of personal data, being:

I.- The name of the owner and address or other means to communicate the response to your request,

II.- The documents that prove the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the holder,

III.- The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which it is sought to exercise some of the aforementioned rights and;

IV.- Any other element or document that facilitates the location of personal data.

"Hotel Conquistadores" may deny access to personal data or to make the rectification or cancellation or grant the opposition of the same in accordance with article 34 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data.

The person in charge may deny access to personal data, or to make the rectification or cancellation or grant the opposition to the treatment thereof, in the following cases:

I. When the applicant is not the owner of the personal data, or the legal representative is not duly accredited for it;

II. When the applicant's personal data is not found in its database;

III. When the rights of a third party are injured;

IV. When there is a legal impediment, or the resolution of a competent authority, that restricts access to personal data, or does not allow their rectification, cancellation or opposition, and

V. When the rectification, cancellation or opposition has been previously made.

V.- DATA TRANSFERS THAT ARE MADE. The transfers of personal data that are made may be carried out without the consent of the owner when:

I. The transfer is provided for in a Law or Treaty to which Mexico is a party;

II. When the transfer is necessary for the prevention or medical diagnosis, the provision of health care, medical treatment or the management of health services;

III. When the transfer is made to holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates under the common control of the person in charge, or to a parent company or to any company of the same group as the person in charge that operates under the same internal processes and policies;

IV. When the transfer is necessary by virtue of a contract concluded or to be concluded in the interest of the owner, by the person in charge and a third party;

V. When the transfer is necessary or legally required to safeguard a public interest, or for the procurement or administration of justice;

SAW. When the transfer is necessary for the recognition, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process, and

VII. When the transfer is necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of a legal relationship between the person in charge and the owner.

VI.- PROCEDURE AND MEANS OF COMMUNICATION TO HOLDERS OF CHANGE OF PRIVACY NOTICE.- The procedure and means by which "Hotel Providencia" will notify the owners of changes to the privacy notice.